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Environmentally Friendly

environmentally friendlyElectric outboard motors produce zero direct emissions making them an eco-friendly choice. There are no harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide or particulate matter into the air or water. This is particularly important in sensitive ecosystems like lakes, rivers and your local marinas.

Quiet Operation

quiet operationWith no engine noise or loud exhaust, noise pollution is reduced to almost zero providing a peaceful and relaxing experience. Enjoy your boating recreational time.

Energy Efficiency

energy efficiencyElectric outboard motors are highly efficient compared to petrol outboard engines. They convert a higher percentage of the energy from the battery into into propulsion, resulting in less wasted energy.

Lower Operating Costs

lower operating costsWhile the upfront costs of the of an electric outboard may be higher, electric outboard motors generally have lower operating costs than petrol motors. Electricity is often cheaper on a per mile basis and electric motors require far less maintenance since there are fewer moving parts and no messy and expensive oil and plug changes every year.

Ease Of Use And Improved Manoeuvrability

ease of useElectric outboard motors are generally much easier to use than petrol motors. There is instant torque and throttle response allowing for smooth acceleration and precise control. Electric motors also eliminate the need for choke, priming and manual starting procedures very much simplifying the the operation and and reducing the learning curve. Simply twisting the throttle the other way for reverse is also incredibly useful – once you have done it you won’t be able to live without it!

Reduced Risk Of Environmental Damage

environmental damageWith no need for petrol the risk of fuel and oil spills into the aquatic environment with the resulting damage is eliminated. They are also much safer with no risk of fuel related fires.

Lack Of Fumes And Spills

fumes and spillsCarrying the battery to and from your boat in your car is a breeze with no nasty smells or fuel spills in your boot. On your boat there are no problems with fumes escaping and collecting in your lockers.

Compatibility With Renewable energy

compatible with renewable energyPowered by renewable energy resources such as solar panels or wind turbines, electric outboards allow boaters to enjoy emission-free and sustainable propulsion, further reducing their environmental impact.

Please Note

The benefits and performance of electric outboard motors may vary depending on the model, battery technology, battery condition, boat size, operator and usage  conditions.