Clearly Understand Your ACTUAL Safety Boat Use!

Not what you just think or assume it is!

As part of our process of helping people choose the correct electric outboard motor and batteries for their electric safety boat solution, it is incredibly important to properly review current use patterns so we can ensure that the speed, distance and time of use can be matched and even exceeded.

When they go through this process, most clubs are amazed at how low their average speed is, how little distance they generally cover in a sessionand how infrequently they actually need their support boat to plane.

Many safety sessions are conducted over 2-3 hours and average only a couple of knots with long periods of sometimes complete inactivity – we’ve found that a lot of clubs will get their boats to a set point and then anchor up for example.

In this case of course, your electric motor just sits there turned off consuming no power whilst often people keep their petrol outboards running continuously.

Some clubs based up river have a need to tow boats in and out, wheras other clubs only need to tow when bringing back boats in distress so it’s really important to to pinpoint individual requirements.

What about longer regatta days or events? If these are only a handful of times per year and you are keeping one or more petrol motors then there is no issue. We are also looking at how we might be able to do short term rentals for any massive peak use if the electric boat you require 99% of the time is not quite sufficient.

Some clubs have one weekday session and one weekend session, others might have limited seasons due to their location, while others might have two or three weekday sessions plus holiday training camps plus weekend sessions. Having information about how regularly support boat fleets are used helps us to understand the changing requirements so we can scale that accordingly for you.

So, how do I gather useful GPS data?

You can track sessions using pretty much any GPS device that can export data into .gpx files or other similar formats such as .kml.

We can import these into our system and then visualise the use and run through it with you.

While we normally use the same Garmin GPS kit on each session for consistency, you can simply use some mobile phone apps.

Android – Geo Tracker

  • A really easy, simple to use and free app is called Geo Tracker and can be found here:
  • Once installed it is incredibly easy to use – simply click on the red button bottom right to start recording
    • Geo Tracker 1
    • Do this just before you launch your boat so it is running for the entire time.
      • We can easily trim any excess start and end data with no problem
    • It then simply records your track showing your route, speeds and distances very nicely.
    • Once back on land simply click the the stop button in the bottom right:
      • Geo Tracker 2
    • At this point the data is saved safely on your phone.
    • Now to send the data click on the three lines in the top left:
      • Geo Tracker 3
      • and it will bring up your list of activities:
        • Geo Tracker 4
      • Choose the activity to share with us and click on the share icon:
        • Geo Tracker 5
      • Choose GPX from the format list (it also supports KML and KMZ) and then send via email to [email protected]
    • The information to include please is simple and as follows:
      • Make and model of boat
      • Tiller or console control
      • Outboard motor being used
      • Number of crew on the boat
      • Conditions eg
        • basic wind conditions eg Froce 6 blowing a hooly or 3-4 perfection
        • any strong tidal or river flow conditions
      • Ongoing expectations and requirements eg
        • Lots of dragging boats out of the reeds
        • Towing lots of boats back from either becalmed or too windy conditions etc

This information is very powerful and will help us properly scope out your requirements with you so we can get to the right boat, motor and battery requirements with you. We prefer to have multiple GPS reports from multiple boats – especially multiple boats on the same session as this gives a really good view of your activity and coverage.

There are many different ways of collecting this data – Android has other apps such as GPS Logger found here.

For Apple I think Open GPXTracker is a very good choice – but I am not an Apple expert so you may well know something better. I believe that setting “Activity Type” in settings to “Fitness” will boost the accuracy.

If we think migrating to electric outboard motors and batteries is actually achievable based on your usage and needs, we can take you through the next steps of ensuring your systems can cope with charging the batteries for example:

  • Do you keep the boats on the water or are they brought in every night?
  • Do you need to be able to remove batteries?

Please feel free to contact us prior to collecting data and we can start to get an understanding of your requirements and be prepared to help analyse your data and then advise accordingly!


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