eGuardian 420 – The Planing Electric Safety Boat

Have you found yourself pondering the possibilities of a safety boat that seamlessly combines eco-friendliness, low maintenance, and exceptional performance?

At Electric Outboard, we’re thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking eGuardian 420 electric safety boat—a true game-changer in the world of safety boats.

Why is it a game changer?… read on to understand what you’re missing out on!

eGuardian 420

Ease of recovery

The most important aspect of being on safety duty is the capacity to actually rescue someone from the water!

Often, the person in the water is unable to recover themselves and if there is only one crew, recovery can be extremely difficult and demanding.

With this in mind, the eGuardian 420 comes equipped with a boarding ladder as standard but there is also the option of our 4 to 1 safety line system – simply get the casualty into the safety sling and clip the other end to one of the handles.

The self locking 4 to 1 pulley can then be operated by simply pulling with one hand giving a huge additional lifting power to help someone aboard.

The hybrid catamaran hull also gives huge stability to the platform so you can concentrate on the rescue and not worry about falling in yourself!


eGuardian 420 is based on the RiverBoat 420 and is manufactured using green Norwegian hydroelectricity – our boats are eco-friendly, low maintenance and fully recyclable.

The robust hull is highly impact resistant and requires almost no maintenance – simply quickly wash off and the normal dings and bangs are simply shrugged off.

The highly efficient electric motors leave no nasty oil in the water, don’t emit pungent fumes or drown you out when talking.

The noise levels are very low making communication with casualties or students if you are teaching much easier – no more hoarse voices from having to shout!

Powerful and diverse motor options

Do you feel restricted by the limited motor options available in the market?

You can choose to power your eGuardian boats with a diverse range of top quality motor options, including Mitek, EZOutboard, Haswing and Torqeedo amongst others.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing true equivalents of up to 30hp, ensuring your safety boat is ready to tackle various conditions.

Stay tuned for our upcoming 40, 50, 60, and 80hp motors, which are scheduled for release in late spring 2024.

These additions will open up new dimensions for your safety boat operations, offering unparalleled flexibility and power.

The Mitek motors are particularly popular as they are based on proven, robust outboard power leg technology that everyone is used to from their petrol outboards.

This also means that standard metal (aluminimum or stainless steel) propellers are used giving proven robustness and longevity so you can easily replace the prop from any supplier – this is not a ongoing source of revenue for us replacing your broken plastic propellers!

Transformative performance

Have you got concerns about the ability of electric powered safety boats to plane effectively, even when operated by just one person?

Our eGuardian boats redefine the standards of performance, offering efficient planing even with multi-person operation and carrying your required safety kit.

When you need to get to an incident, the eGuardian ensures you are capable of getting there quickly and when you arrive the ultra fine control and super responsive motors make safe manouevering a breeze.

The incredible low down torque produced by the motors ensures that you can easily tow multiple boats whilst at low revs so consuming little power.

Our multi layered product portfolio enables us to tailor solutions to match your speed and distance requirements, so say goodbye to limitations and experience uninterrupted sessions without compromising on power, range or ease of use.

Customizable battery solutions

Ever wished for a safety boat that adapts to your unique requirements?

We have a range of batteries available to suit your requirements and they can be housed either in our modular battery storage, twin jockey seat steering console unit or under our bench seats for the smaller batteries.

We can even create customised units to your specification if required.

This unit also has a very useful storage locker to contain kit and along with the bow locker, you can keep your eGuardian clutter free.

Our batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) technology which is not your usual Lithium Ion batteries found in cars, laptops and phones.

This is incredibly safe, being unaffected by the well known overheating issues of normal Lithium Ion batteries.

We have a wide range of batteries in different capacities that can be scaled to your needs, offering huge power and range whilst remaining extremely safe.

The batteries come in 50Ah, 100Ah and 150Ah sizes for the standard console but for other projects we can provide much larger sizes and much higher voltages with many options at 48 and 96 volts with our new 200 volt range coming out summer 2024.

The batteries are all BlueTooth enabled so you can see detailed states of charge via your phone app as standard, but we can also fit very accurate battery charge indicators to the steering console unit for you.

We can also hook in fixed radios and wireless phone chargers to the console as required.

We will help you to understand your real-world usage and then we collaboratively determine the ideal motor power and scale the batteries accordingly for the amount of time you plan to spend on the water.

Of course we then need to understand how you will charge your batteries and the time scales required.

Wherever possible we like to charge our batteries relatively slowly as it is fast charging that can cause long term damage and degrade batteries.

By default, we supply most 48v batteries used on the eGuardian range with 20amp chargers so a 100Ah will take 5-6 hours to charge from completely empty.

We can supply faster chargers but we will not supply ultra fast chargers such as 100amp chargers for a 100Ah battery – this charge rate will cause a long term reduction in the life of the battery.

With some thought and planning, batteries can be charged on a timer overnight if you have cheap rate overnight electricity for example and staggered so you do not stress your electrical supply.

Of course, you can also supply your own batteries for most of our motors – we are not locking you in to any ecosystem. If you have lead acid batteries that suit your purpose – no problem! Simply hook them up. If you want to migrate from lead acid at a later stage then we can help you with that as well.

Effortless retrofit

Are you concerned about the feasibility of integrating our electric solution into your existing safety boat fleet?

Many clubs have boats that are perfectly fine with many years of usable life left in them.

Our modular battery storage, seat, and steering console system allows for seamless retrofitting to most suitably sized boats.

All it requires is a new base plate suitable for the deck of your current boat, making the transition to clean electric power hassle-free.

We can tailor different solutions as required – do you want battery storage under a bench seat using smaller portable 50Ah batteries for easy removal? We can work with you to design and build the unit if we do not have the solution already for your particular craft.

If your boat has been converted using our motors, battery and console system, then it can be easily transferred to a new boat simply by replacing the base plate (if required) and fixing it to your new boat.

With larger boats we can produce larger integrated seating modules as required or provide assistance to you with your own conversion.

Cost and time savings

As we get more data we will be documenting our running costs for the trips we make in our eGuardian 420 demo boat to show how cost effective they are to run.

  • The boat itself is impact resistant polyethylene and requires almost no maintenance
    • Simply wash down
    • If you manage to cause any damage to the hull they are easily repaired using simple tools
  • The electric motor requires almost no maintenance
    • Wash it down after use as you normally would and job done
  • The batteries are zero maintenance
    • Plug in the charger and that is it
  • There is no constant servicing overhead of either money or importantly for the volunteers who generally look after the boats, their time

As an indicator, if you are using the 2x100Ah eGuardian 420 with the 9.9hp Mitek motor you can expect to use around 30 amps at 3 knots so this will last for 6 to 7 hours.

Assuming some relatively limited (from our experience) high speed use and hours of general use, the batteries will still generally have a decent amount of residual charge in them.

Assuming they are taken to say 25% of charge remaining then this would have used around 150Ah of charge which approximates to 7.5Kwh.

Rough electricity pricing for early 2024 at worst case is 40p per Kwh so to top up will be less than £3.00 – for a lot of people it will be nearer 32p and therefore around £2.40.

If you can, then get a cheap rate overnight tariff. If you use Octopus for example, and have an electric car charger you can be paying only 7.5p per Kwh, so more like less than 60p for all an all day safety session.

Even simple Economy 7 type tariffs are around 16p per Kwh so will cost around £1.20.

Of course this will vary with your tariffs, actual use etc as you would expect but there is scope for a lot of fuel cost savings.

Without the regular servicing requirements and consumable items required your ongoing costs can be dramatically slashed.

eGuardian 420 Mitek 9.9 moored up

Consultative approach

Are you tired of providers simply selling you products without ensuring you understand how the transition to clean electric power will work for you?

If it will work is important  – we want you take on a truly viable solution for your needs, not a “near enough” solution.

At Electric Outboard, we go beyond mere transactions – we are not here to simply sell units. Far from it.

We are here to help you comprehend how switching to clean electric power can be done properly and effectively.

Save both time and money through reduced servicing and running costs, and get the safety boat solution you genuinely need.

To do this properly, we will guide you through the process, ensuring that converting to electric power aligns with your club’s business and environmental goals and fosters good, long-term relationships.

We help you to truly understand your usage and think about your boats and safety coverage area – often clubs have far larger safety boats than they really need and also far larger engines on them resulting in high initial costs, high depreciation and high ongoing running costs.

We help you define your usage with detailed GPS tracking of your usage and mapping out your environment so we can understand where your safety boats are likely to be and the required coverage areas.

Often the ability to do 12-15 knots is all that is ever needed to ensure a quick response and as the boats accelerate and get on the plane very quickly, distances are covered with minimal delay.

So we will work with you to understand the average and peak speeds as well as distance covered to initially understand the peak motor power required to reach the speeds required.

Then, from the distance covered, plus time spent on the water we can work out which battery combination is required to produce the peak power and give the range and then add in a safety margin.

Importantly, if we can’t provide the right solution, we will tell you.

If you want a 30 knot capable 3.5m rib with 50 miles of range then that simply won’t work!

Sure, the boat can be fitted with powerful enough motors and batteries but they will probably fill the deck and there will be no weight capacity to actually be on the boat yourself, let alone rescue someone!

Impractical solutions or fanciful promises are not our thing – we will have data to show what is possible for your requirements and if not we will get it and demostrate it with real GPS and battery tracking data along with video to show us doing it.

We also need to consider charging in more detail and can help you with this. We need to understand the capabilities of your infrastructure but as we supply chargers that you can simply plug in to a standard wall socket there is generally very little to think about.

For example, if we do not have enough solar power available, then we use cheap rate overnight electricity when we need to and run the chargers on timers. We can get electricity at less than a quarter of the normal cost at around 7.5p per Kwh currently (Jan 2024) meaning charging two 150Ah 48v batteries from flat costs around £1.15 for both batteries combined. Those batteries will run for 10 hours when just pottering around at normal safety boat speeds so the equivalent of less than one litre of petrol.

Come and test our demo boat and we will kit it out with the likely motor and battery combination and see how you like it.

Assuming your requirements are possible, we find that by having boats of the right speed and range, you can often have several lower power boats with smaller motors and batteries plus one or two higher powered electric or petrol boats.

Many clubs are transitioning away from petrol power in this very sensible staggered approach, replacing one boat at a time then evaluating their usage more clearly enabling the next boat decision to be based on very powerful and coherent observation and real world experience, resulting in the right boat for their requirements.

However, we fully recognise that some clubs will feel the need to keep a high power petrol support boat and that is entirely fine.

If we can help a club transition away from even one petrol motor then we are reducing pollution in the water and air regardless and this can only be a good thing!

Ongoing evolution

Have you ever hesitated to adopt a new solution due to concerns about its ongoing development?

At Electric Outboard, our products evolve rapidly based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive through our testing process.

Even if our current offerings don’t entirely meet your requirements, we are confident that our continuous innovation will bring solutions to your doorstep in the near future.

Real world demonstrations

We love being out on the water and are happy to give demos from our base at Lymington in the New Forest.

If you are not local and would like a demo at your club, ask us as we are happy to bring our kit to you when we can. We try to to do this by offering a day of brief talks, question and answer sessions and on-the-water tests.

If you can get a group of local sailing clubs to all come together for the day at your club, we are more than happy to try to accommodate you.

We can bring along a variety of kit and you can get hands on and we can speak to a good number of people to help bottom out requirements and spread understanding of what is possible.

We find that we can generally do 3 talks to groups followed by demos to really make it a valuable day.

 eGuardian 420 Lymington With Lesley

More than just a product

As we said above, we are not here to just shift boxes of product.

We transitioned to electric power to solve the problems we encountered with petrol outboard motors on our 6m folding, foiling trimaran Skippy:

Skippy A600 Main

Having a noisy, smelly, weighty petrol engine caused us multiple problems:

  • Lesley found them very hard to start so I always had to do it
  • Sometimes they simply would not start – as we only started it when becalmed, launching or landing this caused us major issues!
  • The weight meant it had stay on the bracket all the time – leaning over the back to attach it when required was simply impossible
  • This then acted as a drag keeping the transom in the water and I had to be next to it so the weight at the back made the boat inefficient
  • The noise really impacted our communication in the boat – normally it was on whilst doing something critical and it made this far too difficult
  • I am a petrol head, but I found the smell really intrusive when out on the water
  • We hated having the motor and a petrol can in the car – it was always annoying and leaves a horrible smell

All in all they were not a great experience and added a huge and pointless amount of stress to our otherwise fantastic sailing fun.

So we looked into the available options and found the lightweight Haswing Protruar range of motors which worked really for us. Unfortunately there were very few battery options available beyond the traditional lead acid ones that weighed a ton and had low usable power and a few Lithium Ion batteries that were just not designed for the harsh salt-water marine environment.

I was also unhappy at having something potentially dangerous on the boat and so I developed the waterproof, portable and safe Traveller Pro series of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

We immediately garnered interest in these batteries and have since developed our range even further.

We also sail our Wanderer cruising dinghy out of Lymington Town Sailing Club. Having enjoyed the peaceand quiet of the electric outboard solution on both Skippy and our Wanderer (called Zippy in case you are interested!), it struck us when undertaking our safety duties that there had to be an alternative for the safety boats that sailing clubs use.

Electric motor tech was not really viable initially but has come on leaps and bounds and with our new batteries this has become not just possible, but a reality.

We started developing our solution at the start of 2023 and the requirements and interest was immediately massive – we spent most our time at the 2023 RYA Dinghy Show talking to sailing clubs about what we were developing in batteries and new motors.

While we do use our eGuardian for playing around on the Solent on low wind days when we can’t sail, it really is the ideal green solution to your electrical safety boat requirements.

We are passionate about creating a more environmentally friendly approach to having fun and being safe on the water and have spent a lot of effort and a lot of time consulting with clubs to develop our eGuardian solution.

So this really is a product that comes from the heart and not just a “thing” to shift.

Are you ready to experience the eGuardian difference?

We’re always here to help guide you towards a cleaner, more efficient future in water safety.

For immediate assistanceplease call 01590 619315, email [email protected] or use our website chat

Please always leave a message, as if we can’t pick up we are either in the workshop or out on the water testing and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Let’s make a positive change together!

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    • Hi David,

      The pricing is being finalised ready for the Boatlife show at the NEC in Feb 2024 where we will officially launch.

      There is a huge range of pricing as it can be specced in many different ways – various different motor brands, then lots of power ranges from 5hp to 30hp, battery capacity, console or bench seat, bespoke console and bench options, remote steering or tiller steering, road trailer, additional safety gear options – it goes on and on. We also have different size hull options from the tiny 290, to the 350 then the 460 plus we can supply motors and batteries, just motors, just batteries or a retrofit kit for our console/battery/motor combinations for pretty much any other suitable boat so it is quite a complex pricing matrix!

      If you have any outline specification / usage requirements please feel free to email your number to us at [email protected] and happy to have a chat or of course come along to Boatlife and / or the RYA Dinghy Show in Farnborough at the end of February.

      Whereabouts are you based as we are organising more demos at various boat clubs as well so we might be in your area if you are not close enough to our base near Lymington.


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