60 Amp XT150 Quick Connector Cable


60 amp rated quick connector utilising the excellent anti-spark connection property of the XT150 connector.

Connect the ring terminal end permanently to your battery and then easily connect your motor using the XT150 quick connector.

A convenient and safe way to connect your battery and motor!

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60 amp continuous rated XT150 quick connector – plug and play with XT150, cable and ring terminal connector to enable safe connection of your motor and battery.

This pack contains a prepared connector comprising:

XT150 connector

XT150 Connector Female

which is connected via appropriate thickness cable to

Ring Terminal Connector

8mm ring terminal connector.

This ring terminal connector end is permanently attached to the screw terminals on the battery.

The cable can then be attached to the battery handle using a cable tie or passed through the handle.

The XT150 female end is then connected to your motor.

Please note

This requires that the ring terminal connectors on your motor are replaced with the male XT150 connector.

If buying your motor at the same time we will change the ring terminal connector for you.

If you are using this cable with your own motor then we will include the male XT150 connector with your cable.


This connector can be used with our 12 volt batteries and our following motors:

Haswing Osapian 30

Haswing Osapian 40

Haswing Osapian 55

Haswing Protruar 1

Haswing Protruar 2h 12 volt only – not to be used with the Protruar 2h 24 volt

Haswing Cayman Transom Mounted

Haswing Cayman Bow Mounted

Haswing W20 Kayak Pro


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1.5 cm
Maximum Power Draw

60 amps


Electric Outboard

Electric Outboard

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