BlueFusion GX50 Lithium Ion Battery 50AH (12V, 630Wh, Max 60A Load), with Charger

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GX Series 50AH Lithium Ion Battery

630Wh performance, meets 12V power supply needs for recreational boaters and anglers.

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GX Series 50Ah Lithium Ion Battery.

  • BlueFusion Lithium-Ion GX and LS Series are versatile and extremely popular with Anglers, Kayakers and Boating enthusiasts
  • With a convenient carry handle and 70-80% lighter than Traditional Lead Acid Batteries
  • Designed for high-power applications, this lithium-ion battery can power a 12V trolling motor, fish finder and other 12V fishing gear (up to 60Amp continuous output)
  • Waterproof and designed to power 12V electric outboard engines and trolling motors, and extensively tested with HASWING Electric Outboards for compatibility

To calculate the run time of the battery, check the battery capacity against your specific motor model. Variations of tidal conditions, wind, temperature and motor speed affect runtime. 


  • 10A Mains powered charger with UK and Euro plug, included
  • Optional 20A Mains powered fast charger (not included)
  • Optional 50 Watt & 100 Watt Portable Solar panel charger (not included)


  • Lithium-Ion Chemistry
  • DC Output : 12V (Range 9V – 12.6V)
  • M8 threaded posts with thumb screws
  • Battery Capacity : 50Ah, 630Wh
  • Max continuous Load 60A
  • DC Charging 12.6V, 40A (max)
  • Cycle life: up to 2000

Battery Dimension & Weight:

  • 200mm (L) x 130mm (W) x 240mm (H), 4.0Kg (approx)

UK Warranty: 1 Year, return to base warranty. Recreational use only

Important Information:

  • Compared to lead acid batteries, Lithium Batteries operate at a lower voltage profile across its discharge cycle
    • Power meters calibrated for Lead Acid Batteries, such as on trolling motors, will under read the power remaining
    • Lithium Battery will supply constant power output until the 9V cut-off
  • Inbuilt BMS protection. If BMS disconnects, wait for battery to cool before reconnecting
  • Read and adhere to warning label on the battery regarding usage, disposal and recycling
  • Use supplied charger only
    • Not compatible with lead-acid battery charger
    • If using your own DC charger ensure CC-CV charging scheme and voltage/current within charging specs
  • Not for use in salt water environments
    • Protect from direct sunlight and overheating
  • Do not submerge in water
    • We recommend using an inexpensive Battery Box for use in open boats
    • Water damage is excluded from warranty.
  • Batteries are usually transported in a partial state of discharge
    • Fully charge before use
  • To achieve maximum cycle life, operate within 95% depth of discharge and specified temperature range
  • Do not store battery longterm in a state of discharge

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 34 × 30 × 20 cm
Amp Hours

50 Amp Hours

Battery Chemistry

Lithium Ion

Maximum Power Draw

60 amps

Maximum Watts


Net Weight




Watt Hours

630 Watt Hours



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