Mitek 6hp / 4.3kW Electric Outboard – Short and Long Shaft


Mitek 6hp 4.3kW electric outboard motor.

A real world drop in replacement for your 6hp petrol outboard.

Enjoy your boating to its fullest with clean, quiet, safe electric power!

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Please note – this item requires separate batteries! Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Power your boat with the Mitek 6hp motor and a choice of separate rechargeable batteries – you’ll have clean, quiet, and environmentally friendly propulsion!

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The only electric outboard motor available with 4.3kW of power, it is a real world alternative to your current 6hp petrol outboard.

You have the choice of long and short shaft and whether to have tiller or remote steering control.

How far do you need to go? How fast? Scale the batteries to your requirements using our safe, long life and recyclable LiFePo4 batteries.

Alternatively you can use any 48v batteries as we do not tie our customers in to any particular battery chemistry or manufacturer.

  • Our motors are designed for convenience – they are lightweight and compact and so are easy to lift, transport, and stow, whether ashore or onboard
  • Classic, ultra-tested, robust durable aluminium construction
  • Available in two versions: short shaft and long shaft
    • Mitek 6hp Dimensions
  • Liquid-cooled motor and electronics
  • Standard aluminium propeller
    • As this motor uses a standard spline any suitable third party propeller can be used including stainless steel upgraded props
    • You are not locked in to proprietary plastic propellers
  • Constant torque enabling power availability at any RPM
  • Innovative brushless PMSM motor, electronic sine wave drive giving maximum efficiency and near silence
  • Bluetooth interface compatible with Android and IOS
    • GPS speed
    • Engine data and batteries always under control
    • Available with optional touch screen display on outboard
  • External batteries for greater safety and choice of type and autonomy (Lead Acid / AGM / Lithium)
    • You are not locked in to proprietary batteries
  • Driving comfort, quiet and clean navigation with no fuel leak risks on board
  • Low operating cost compared to a traditional petrol outboard engine
  • Safety features:
    • Emergency lanyard kill switch
    • Overvoltage, overcurrent and over temperature protection
    • Motor tilt switch
    • Zero throttle safety start
    • Low battery alarm
    • Locked propeller protection

The motor and all key electronics are above the waterline being housed in the top like a traditional petrol outboard that you are probably used to. This has significant benefits as outboard motors get larger and more powerful:

  • The expensive motor and electronics are better protected from the harsh sea water environment
  • Standard power leg with decades of proven technology
  • The power leg has MUCH less drag through the water with no large motor bulb disrupting the water flow before it reaches the propeller
  • The standard propeller splines means that you are able to use any standard propeller and are not tied in to expensive proprietary propellers, which in our experience seem to fail quite regularly…

Being quiet and having no emissions at the point of use, the Mitek 6hp motor eliminates engine noise, oily bilges, oily water, smoke and unpleasant fumes onboard.

The electric motors have far fewer moving parts than an equivalent petrol engine, eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance or servicing.

Simply rinse out the power leg after use and you are done.

No more expensive and time consuming regular maintenance means the overall cost of ownership can be reduced!

The Mitek 6hp electric outboard can be used on various types of vessels, including:

  • Safety boats
  • Aluminium fishing boats
  • SIBs (small inflatable boats)
  • RIBs (rigid inflatable boats)
  • Rental and charter boats
  • Yacht tenders and dinghies
  • Motor boats
  • Day sailers
  • Yachts

You can also use the increasingly efficient solar panels and wind turbines on larger vessels to help top up your batteries while you sail.

Onshore charging can be easily fulfilled using standard 3 pin plug chargers making the change to electric very simple.

Call us today to invest in your cleaner, quieter boating experience!

01590 619315 email [email protected] or use the chat facility on the bottom right of your screen so we can help you choose the right battery and motor combination.

Model6hp Short Shaft6hp Long Shaft
Motor TypeBrushless PMSMBrushles PMSM
Maximum Current90 amps90 amps
Maximum Power4,300w4,300w
Comparable Petrol Outboard6hp6hp
Static Thrust65kg / 143lbs54kg / 118lbs
Cooling SystemWater cooledWater cooled
Propeller3 blade 7 1/2 x 73 blade 7 1/4 x 6

Additional information

Weight N/A
Motor Type

Brushless PMSM



Maximum Power Draw

90 amps

Maximum Watts


Comparable Petrol Engine


Static Thrust Force

143lbs / 65kg

Cooling System

Water Cooled

Propeller Size

3 blade 7 1/2 x 7

Net Weight

23.3kg, 24.5kg

Shaft Length

Long 565mm, Short 445mm

Steering Control

Remote Steering, Tiller



For over ten years, Mitek has been enabling people to experience the sea at its best. Clean, quiet powerful motors that can replace petrol outboards and can be used with any battery chemistry. Mitek is located in the famous Motor Valley in Emilia Romagna and the greatest Italian manufacturing excellence is in our DNA.
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