Torqeedo Travel 1103C


Powerful German made electric outboard motor with 915Wh lithium ion battery – for tenders, dinghies and daysailers up to 1.5 tons.

Suitable for freshwater and saltwater with long and short shaft versions available.

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The globally successful Travel 1103C electric outboard now comes with a powerful 915 Wh lithium-ion battery and a built-in on-board computer with GPS.

The 1103C has greater power and durability than the previous model yet is quieter than ever!

  • It delivers 10% more power than the previous 1003 (1,100w up from 1,000w)
  • It has a stronger aluminium pylon for increased protection from impact damage
  • It has an upgraded transom mount

The reliable and powerful electric motor with direct drive ensures dynamic response and is unrivalled in its efficiency and remains whisper-quiet at only 33DB.

It can connect with your smartphone and can be charged from a standard mains power outlet, a 12v/24v connection or from a solar charger.

Mains charging at 90w will take approximately 10 hours, whilst the 12/24 volt charger will take approximately 20 hours.

With the optional USB adapter, it can now even charge your mobile phone, laptops and other equipment to share its abundant capacity!

Travel e-motors can take you far and are genuinely light – the Travel 1103C with a 915 Wh battery also guarantees easy handling thanks to its total weight of 17kg/38 lbs!

Portability and Storage

The Travel 1103C breaks down into three main components:

  • motor/shaft
  • battery
  • and tiller

There are also a couple of smaller components eg the battery retaining pin and the magnetic “kill cord” (safety switch).

Fully assembled, the total weight of the short shaft is 17.3kg with the heaviest part – the motor – weighing only 11.3kg and the battery 6kg, making this easily portable.

A very popular accessory is the Travel bags kit which consists of two carefully tailored and well padded bags – one for the motor/shaft and tiller and the other for the battery.

There are dedicated storage compartments within these for the smaller loose items such as the charger, kill cord, battery pin and instructions etc.

Whether you are a sailor, angler, nature lover, the Travel powers you!

Being electric, there is no petrol to worry about spilling or oil to leak, so it doesn’t matter which way up you store it.

For security, it can easily be stored inside your yacht or motorhome cabins to reduce the risk of theft, without suffering from the abominable stink of petrol!

Shaft Length

Torqeedo Travel motors are supplied in “S” or “L” shaft lengths.

These are both longer than conventional petrol outboards – the S is more akin to an L petrol – but there is good reason for this!

The most efficient way to use the high, and instantaneous, torque from an electric motor is a relatively large propeller, turning relatively slowly… but if you have a larger propeller the shaft has to be longer to make sure the propeller is fully immersed.


  • High efficiency electric outboard with integrated 915Wh high performance lithium-ion battery
  • Including onboard computer with GPS based range calculation and charger
  • Ultra quiet (33DB), clean and compact
  • Almost silent direct drive
  • Solar chargeable
  • Instantantaneous throttle response
  • Improved durability
  • 3hp Petrol engine equivalent
  • Completely waterproof (IP67)
  • Total weight 17.3kg (short) / 17.7kg (long)
  • Shaft length 625mm (short) / 750mm (long)

Accessories and Spares

  • Travel bags
  • TorqTrac
  • Battery 915Wh
  • Anode
  • Spare propeller v10/p1100 weedless
  • Spare propeller v10/p1100 Travel
  • Travel battery bag
  • Travel spare parts kit
  • Solar charger 50w for Travel and Ultralight
  • Remote throttle
  • Magnetic kill switch
  • Travel outboard cover
  • Charging cable 12/24V
  • Motor extension cable
  • 5-pin cable extension for throttle (5ft)
  • 5-pin cable extension for throttle (16ft)
  • Charger 90w for Travel and Ultralight batteries
  • Long tiller arm
  • Travel USB Adapter
  • Solar charging cable for Ultralight and travel

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Amp Hours

31 Amp Hours

Battery Chemistry

Lithium Ion

Battery Supplied

Battery Included

Comparable Petrol Engine


Continuous Stepless Speeds


Steering Control


Digital Speed Controller


Maximum Noise Level


Maximum Power Draw

37 amps

Maximum Propeller Speed

1,450 rpm at full power

Maximum Watts


Net Weight


Nominal Voltage


Propeller Size

10.2 inch 2 blade

Reverse Gear


Safety Kill Cord


Saltwater Compatible


Shaft Length

625mm, 750mm

Static Thrust Force

105lbs / 47kg

Steering Lock


Tiller Swivels

Up and Down





Waterproof Rating


Watt Hours

915 Watt Hours



Torqeedo was the pioneer in the field of water-based electromobility and since 2004 has been the industry leader. A wide range of products ensures that all of your water craft can be powered by the most efficient motors on the market. Torqeedo sets out to provide superior technology and revolutionary benefits.
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