Traveller Pro 48V60TP – 48 Volt 60 Amp hour LiFePo4 Battery with Bluetooth BMS

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Traveller Pro 48 Volt 60 Amp hour portable battery suitable for the marine environment.


  • 8 Amp charger
  • Waterproof plug
  • Anderson plug
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Clean Quiet Safe Power

The perfect small utility battery for your electric outboard, marine adventures and many other outdoor actvities!

Beach campervan

The super handy waterproof travel case has a comfortable handle and is made of sturdy impact resistant plastic for easy use and assured durability for your outdoor activities.


Portability and Ease Of Use

Weighing only 26.2kg makes it very easy to take anywhere – but most importantly get on and off your boat when stability may not be at its best!

The power density and deep discharge capability of the battery makes it comparable to FOUR 120 Amp hour normal 12V lead acid batteries that will likely weigh circa 140kg! The lead acid battery will also be much larger, making the Traveller Pro a much lighter, more powerful and more compact option.

The case has waterproof seals around the opening and the case is locked shut with stainless steel allen bolts. You can access the inside if required (not recommended) – but the bolts ensure it cannot accidentally open.

Kayak with electric motor

LiFePo4 Advantages

The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery chemistry is FAR safer than the more usual Lithium Ion batteries. It means that the Traveller Pro 48V60 cannot catch fire even when under severe duress, overheating or shorting out. Plus there is no acid to spill or fumes to breath – a safe sealed system ideal for demanding environments.

LiFePo4 also has far more longevity than Lithium Ion, with the LiFePo4 batteries having a 3,000 cycle life compared to the more usual 600-800 for Lithium Ion and only a few dozen for a lead acid battery if you regularly discharge it beyond 50%!


The Traveller Pro 48V 60 Amp hour has reduced connectivity compared to the rest of the range as it is really focused on providing power for your electric outboard motor.

  • 8mm terminals
  • 50A Anderson plug
  • Charging socket
  • Bluetooth Battery Management System (BMS)

We can also provide the smaller capacity Traveller Pro 12 volt 50 amp hour unit to provide power for your onboard electronics and gadgets along with 100 and 150 amp hour options.

Compared to a “dumb” lead acid battery, there is no comparison!


The performance of the LiFePo4 battery completely overshadows lead acid with a much flatter voltage discharge. This means that the Traveller Pro will continue putting out full voltage until it is completely discharged, giving you more power for longer, taking you further and faster.

The higher price of a LiFePo4 battery is more than offset by its very long life, deeper discharge cycle, smaller size, safe chemistry and vast connectivity abilities.

Assuming you fully cycle it fully 30 times a year this could be the last battery you ever need to buy.

Truly a battery for life!

Technical Summary

  • Chemistry: Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
  • Operating Voltage Range: 40V – 58.4V
  • Maximum Charging Current: 20 amps
  • Charging Voltage: 58.4V
  • Continuous Discharge Current: <=80A
  • Instantaneous Discharge Current: <=100A
  • Service Life: More than 3,000 cycles
  • Bluetooth enabled Battery Management System
  • Operating Environment: 0 to 45 degrees C (charging), -20 to 60 degrees C (discharging)
  • Battery Storage Period: 90% power (6 months)
  • Battery Warranty: 12 months
  • Capacity: 60Ah
  • Nominal Energy: 3,072Wh
  • PbEq (Lead acid equivalent): up to 48V 120Ah
  • Dimensions: 500mm x 350mm x 190mm
  • Weight: 26.2kg

Interface Summary

The Electric Outboard Traveller Pro series has a huge range of connectivity options built in to maximise the use of the unit for many applications.

Traveller Pro 48V60 1

If you need to power something, we’re pretty sure you can connect it to the Traveller Pro!

  •  NOTE
    • all connections can be used to charge and discharge
  • GX20 3 pin airhead
    • Used by the charger to charge the battery
  • Anderson plug
    • This is generally used to connect electric outboard motors – max 50amps
  • 8mm terminals
    • Suitable for connection with a 8mm diameter copper nose connectors
    • Its overcurrent is less than 80A used for loads less than 4,096 watts
  • Display
    • Displays battery voltage, percentage remaining and temperature
    • NOTE
      • The voltage display is not accurate when the battery is either charging or discharging. The LiFePo4 battery voltage is unstable so the display’s percentage of charge is not accurate

BlueTooth Battery Management System (BMS)

Smart BMS Bluetooth app

  • Install the Android app from here
  • Install the iOS app from here
  • The app enables you to see at a glance the exact state of your battery with real time monitoring via your phone
    • Smart BMS Real time data monitoring
    • The overall voltage
    • The current output when discharging
    • The current  input when charging
    • The voltage per battery cell
    • The number of cycles the battery has gone through
    • The battery temperature
    • If required you can manually set all battery parameters e.g.
      • Cell voltage high protect
      • Cell voltage low protect
      • Sum voltage high protect
      • Sum voltage low protect
      • Charge overcurrent protect
      • Discharge overcurrent protect
      • and many, many more!
  • The built in high quality BMS featues
    • Smart BMS High quality assurance
    • Over charge protection
    • Over current protection
    • Over voltage protection
    • Discharge protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Over power protection
    • Temperature protection

Charger Summary

  • The 8 amp charger comes with a standard UK 3 pin plug
  • The red indicator shows that charging is in progress
  • The green indicator light shows that charging is competed
  • Charging voltage: 58.4V
  • Charging Current: 8A
  • Input Voltage Range: 100V to 240V
  • Charging time: approximately 8 hours

Included Accessories

  • 8 amp charger
  • Waterproof plug
    • Electric Outboard Waterproof Plug
  • Anderson plug
    • Electric Outboard Anderson Plug

Example Uses

  • Electric outboard motors
    • Use up to 80 amp continuous draw – 4,096 watts
    • Higher specification 800 amp continuous BMS ensure that for the most common 4,000w motors, the BMS is well within capacity ensuring much longer life and safety
  • With an inverter (not supplied) use as a portable power station
    • Charge up laptops and other mains powered devices – why work from home when you can work from your boat or van?
    • Camping
      • Keep all of your electrical gadgets charged up
      • Run your camping lights
    • Night camping
    • Use on site for power tools
      • Charge your portable tools
      • With a suitable inverter (not supplied) you can run many mains power tools (check maximum power draw especially when the tool starts up)
  • Charge from solar panels (not supplied)

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Benefits

  • Contains a single large LiFePo4 lithium battery for a stronger more stable current output
  • LiFePo4 batteries have
    • much higher safety – no “thermal runaway” so will not catch fire if overheated, short circuited or even pierced with 6 inch nail
    • longer service life – 3,000 cycle life
    • wider operating temperature range

When compared to the more usual Lithium Ion batteries and traditional lead acid batteries, the comparison is scarcely worthwhile!


Additional information

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 560 × 510 × 310 cm
Amp Hours

60 Amp Hours

Battery Chemistry

Lithium Iron Phosphate

Net Weight


Maximum Power Draw

80 amps

Maximum Watts




Watt Hours

3072 Watt Hours


Electric Outboard

Electric Outboard

A full range of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries providing Clean Quiet Safe Power for your next adventure! The Traveller Pro and Voyager Max series of batteries are convenient to use, light weight, powerful and better for the environment than traditional lead acid batteries. The Traveller Pro range comes with a multitude of connections and full Bluetooth enabled BMS in a handy, tough, impact resistant and water resistant case. The Voyager Max range comes in a stainless steel case with a sturdy carrying handle and full Bluetooth enabled BMS. The squared off design makes them ideal for longer term placement where they can fit together well and be easily strapped safely in place. A quality battery for all activities and locations.
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