Soup Drama At Electric Outboard HQ – Lunch Saved By Traveller Pro 12V50TP

Good old energy provider!

Another power cut here in Tiptoe just as we were breaking for lunch.

Lesley had almost finished making her famous carrot soup but it still needed blending and the power wasn’t due to come back on for a couple of hours apparently…

So back up to the workshop and I grabbed a Traveller Pro 12V50TP waterproof portable lithium iron phosphate battery plus a 500 watt inverter so we could blend it up quickly as I was starving….

12V50 Traveller Pro 1

We clipped the inverter on to the Traveller Pro, plugged in the blender to the inverter and let it rip!

YouTube player

Perfectly blended soup in seconds – yet another way to use your Traveller Pro portable Lithium Iron Phosphate battery!

What will you do with yours?

For those interested in the recipe:

  • Thinly slice an onion and sweat over low heat for 10 min
  • Add 25g ginger and sweat for another 10 min
  • Meantime chop 600g carrots, squeeze a lemon and then add to the onion and ginger together with 1 tbsp of clear honey
  • Pour over 750ml boiling water and season
  • Simmer for around 45 min then blend and serve!

Simple apparently!

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