Temo 450 Testing Lymington River – 81 Minute Teaser!

David Ellis from Marine Components International Limited (the UK importer) and Algie Bennett from Electric Outboard decided to do a definitive test of the Temo 450 run time.

The Temo 450 is the ideal ship to shore choice of electric motor and we wanted to see how it would perform until it completely ran out to answer a question often asked by our customers.

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We know people are concerned about range anxiety but this is really not a problem for the Temo 450 as you will see!

We met up at Lymington Town Sailing Club where we are both based and using a three year old demonstrator model on a 2.6m inflatable tender went out for a spin on the Lymington River.

So the two of us with back up oars plus a Haswing Ultima 3 spare electric motor onboard went out for a representative trip.

See here for the full Garmin gps track which alarmingly shows us out for 81 minutes and 27 seconds!

We covered just over 3 nautical miles averaging 2.2 knots and moving for 79 minutes and 20 seconds.

For full details see here:

Full Garmin share info

We did stop for two minutes while I took some photos of a Dragonfly trimaran but otherwise ,we were constantly running anywhere between half and full throttle.

We will put out the full video so you can see the conditions but although it was reasonably slack water where we headed out of the river there was quite a reasonable breeze but otherwise lovely marina conditions.

We went up and down, in and out and roundabout until we finally ran out of juice and had to row back in – meaning that Alg and Lesley were late heading out for their picnic sail that night in Zippy the Wanderer!

Still, what a great reason to be runnig the late – the battery just kept on going!

The Temo 450 is a fantastic choice for replacing your ship to shore petrol outboard:

Call us now if you have any questions or would like to try one out!


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