Testing Protruar 1 and 2 Motors With Jimmy Skiff 2 At Mudeford

Pete spoke with us at the RYA Dinghy Show 2023 about him building a Jimmy Skiff 2 rowing boat at a workshop with the guys at www.fyneboatkits.co.uk and explained that he would want to electrify it once it was ready.

Having now finished it he got in touch and so we went down to meet him at Mudeford to discuss the motor and battery options again.

He discounted the RemigoOne, Torqeedo Travel 1103C, Temo and ThrustMe Kicker alternatives for various reasons, but to ensure that he got exactly what he wanted and needed, we took out the shortlisted Protruar 1 and Protruar 2 12 volt motors along with one of our 100 amp hour Traveller Pro batteries for some real world testing in the location and conditions he would be using it in.

Mudeford Wind

We were out between around 17:30 and 18:30 so mainly 12 but gusting 16-18 knots.

The Jimmy Skiff 2 is a very light weight (less than 70kg), flat bottomed skiff designed for sailing, rowing and motoring and is very easily driven.

We attached the Protruar 1 initially and went out going south west straight into wind and also against the chop and tide that was going out.

For the full track details, please see here.

The Protruar 1 is more than up to this task pushing us along quite nicely straight into the wind and chop – we went over to the other side of the harbour and then back to launching area running at between 3 and 3.5 knots.

Pete grabbed hold of a mooring buoy while I quickly swapped over to the new Protruar 2hp 12 volt motor.

The Protruar is a 600 watt motor and therefore pulls around 50 amps maximum while the Protruar 2 is a 720 watt motor so pulls around 60 amps maximum.

The Battery Management System on the Traveller Pro 100 amp hour battery is rated to 80 amps constant so is more than up to the task for either motr but we wire in the Protruar 2 via the 8mm terminals and a fused switch as the Anderson plug connector is only rated to 50 amps continuous.

Straight away we could feel the additional power as the boat positively surged forward into the wind, the larger 10.7 inch prop able to deliver much more power than the smaller 9.3 inch prop on the Protruar 1.

The main advantage of the Protruar 2 over the Protruar 1 is more about being able to push harder into rougher conditions as opposed to a higher top speed.

The full GPS track shows us stopping at around 27 minutes for 5 minutes while we swapped over motors.

We went off into the headwind and chop and the difference was clear – the Protruar 2 is a big step up from the Protruar 1. The Protruar 1 was easily up to this job anyway but for additional punch Pete decided to go for the 2 and the 100 amp hour Traveller Pro.

Pete then took over and tried the instant reverse, something that is incredibly useful if you are only used to small petrol outboards where you have to spin the motor around and flip the tiller. Just turn the throttle the other way and you in immediate reverse which make scoming in to landing stages and pontoons incredibly easy. The instant throttle response also makes fine adjustments simple and intuitive – launching and landing suddenly become totally easy and stress free instead of a hassle and grief.

After scooting around for a while we headed back in with Pete able to see how easy it is to tilt and / or lift this motor and run it in very shallow water. The depth of the motor can be easily preset using a simple tightening collar. The prop should ideally be a good couple of inches below the waterline but with a straight transom with a skeg we want to also ensure it is just below the skeg so should you decide to steer beyond 180 instead of using the reverse throttle, then it will not hit the keel.

As you come into shallow water, simply slide the motor up, loosen the collar, lower the collar then tighten it back up. When you get REALLY shallow ie 6 inches or even less then you can also tilt the motor so the prop is partly out of the water. This is cleary inefficient but we have used this in Mudeford mainy times as the water almost entirely disappears and you can still progress in just enough water for your tender to float.

YouTube player

We came in after a great test and checking out the battery BMS via our BlueTooth app:

Mudeford Battery Test

we can see that after 40+ minutes of moving at generally half and full throttle we had only used 25% of the battery.

Most of the time in normal conditions, the Protruar 2 12v motor should be only pulling 20-30 amps so the motor will be able to run for 4-5 hours at around 3 knots, so we would expect around 12-15 nautical miles in the Jimmy Skiff 2 with 2 people and in these conditions – clearly significantly further in less blowy conditions.

Of course, should further range be required then the batteries are modular and you can simply take another one – some clients don’t want a 150Ah Traveller Pro, they will buy both a 12 volt 100ah Traveller Pro and a 50ah Traveller Pro as well so they can choose either or both for specific trips.

If you understand your requirements clearly then the problem of range anxiety is really a non-issue. The right motor and battery combination is out there ready for you

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As you can see, some fairly blowy conditionsand the boat, motor and battery worked really well together.

Pete has made a great boat that he will get a lot of enjoyment out of and the Protruar 2 and Traveller Pro 12 volt 100ah battery he has bought will ensure he can get out and about and most importantly get back without any stress.

Pete is also planning on using the motor and battery on his Seafly sailing dinghy – broadly simlar in size to our Wanderer dinghy – Zippy. Again I am sure this will prove to work very well on that boat as well.

So thanks to Pete for the testing opportunity and we are looking forward to hearing about more of his trips out and about in his new electric boat!

If you are not sure what motor and battery combination might suit you, your boat and your use-case requirements, please drop us a line any time.

We are more than happy to come out locally with some motors and batteries for on the water testing with your boat or one of ours and we also have some motors and batteries available on our “Hire and Buy” scheme where you can test the kit on your boat and return it if you do not keep it just for the cost of the delivery both ways and a nominal hire cost.

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