Zippy Goes To Hurst Castle. And So Do We! Protruar 1 Traveller Pro 12V50TP

and luckily so do we!

It would be rather embarassing to call out the RNLI for an unattended Wanderer dinghy! Still stranger things have happened no doubt….

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It was a lovely day so we grabbed some sarnies and headed down to LTSC to go for a pootle about on Zippy.

There was a steady S/SWesterly coming in and we decided to head off towards Hurst Castle with the thought of testing anchoring locations to watch the start of the Fastnet race in July.

We had with us our trusty Protruar 1 hp long shaft that we use quite often, especially where we expect to do some distance and might require a long run back if the wind dies!

We also had our dependable Traveller Pro 12 volt 100 amp hour lithium iron phosphate battery which gives us 4 hours at half throttle – this is generally around 14 nautical miles range as we normally go along at about 3.5 knots.

We will soon make short video showing how we have the Protruar 1 and battery mounted on Zippy – we keep the Traveller Pro secured in the rear locker and have fitted fixed cables that pass out to the motor to make it quick and easy to take on and off.

Lymington to Hurst Castle

Garmin GPS record:

We were sailing directly into the wind so we took some leisurely long tacks covering 6.3 nautical miles or just under 12km in an hour and forty minutes averaging 3.8 knots over the ground.

The sun started to come out a little and we had a lovely relaxing time.

We spent some time fairly heeled over as you can see in the video around 1 minute 40 – the deep chine on Zippy makes him completely rock solid, stable and predictable.

He is very happy covering long distances like this with no fear of getting into any trouble, even in strong winds.

We are going to change our reefing system for stronger winds to a single line system to make it a bit quicker and more intuitive and we will make a short video showing how we will do that!

We had a lovely steady wind there and back:

Lymington Starting Platform

Data from

2023-07-09 weatherfile lymington starting platform

Hurst Castle

2023-07-09 weatherfile hurst point starting platform

We were out between about 13:30 and 17:00 so we had a steady 12 to 14 knots breeze the entire trip – just fantastic!

Hurst Castle to Lymington

Garmin GPS record:

Coming back it was a lovely downwind run all the way!

We managed to accidentally crash jibe with a massive wind shift and although I ducked, it still clipped my hat off!

As you can see on the GPS track at 29 minutes, we went round twice while practising our “hat overboard drill” and actually managed to rescue it.


When we came back into Lymington, we anchored up in Crooked Lake for a while as we took down the sails and faffed around for a while and then motored back in to the ramp at around a third to half throttle.

The GPS track shows us scooting along at 3.5 to 4 knots – using the Protruar 1 motor made getting into the ramp directly against the wind incredibly simple!

There was quite a bit of traffic in the river and around the ramp – having the ability to immediately reverse is just amazing and the immediate response to the throttle and just the sheer lack of engine noise is just a joy!

If you have previously had to rotate your petrol outboard and flip the tiller to get reverse, or had that horrible jerk as the centrifugal clutch finally clicks, the Protruar 1 will be a revelation!

This leg being direct was only 4.2 nautcal miles so we covered in total just under 20km and was yet another stress free sail thanks to Zippy and our electric outboard!

If you would like a demonstration or need some more information:

Call us now: 01590 619315
Email: [email protected]


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